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At last! You're going to finally discover what airdrop means.

An airdrop is when a cryptocurrency token or coin is sent to a large number of wallet addresses. New blockchain developers typically use airdrops to advertise their coin in order to increase awareness and adoption. So the coins are free to take, and the process is usually quick, simple, and enjoyable. If I had to guess, I’d say you’re already planning to take advantage of the airdrop coins. (Winks). Dare to be different, gurl!

But how do you find an airdrop?

Distributors of airdrops typically use the crypto networks to engage existing holders of a popular cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, on social media. Such individuals already have a following of crypto aficionados and can disseminate information.
Creators can distribute their tokens in one of two ways: randomly selecting beneficiaries or publicizing the event on airdrop-related bulletin boards, newsletters, and social media. Random Ethereum accounts having a value above a specific threshold are frequently airdropped with various uninvited tokens.
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Alert: Participate in as many Airdrops as you can. I can tell you from personal experience that those coins can sometimes skyrocket and you can make a pretty profit. If they don’t skyrocket, you can sell them on an exchange for a coin you’d rather own.